SBIF Asha Scholarship Program 2023-24

SBIF Asha Scholarship has been introduced by the government for the betterment of students.  This scholarship has been introduced to give them financial and educational support so that the students strive for a better future.

Never lose hope; find the strength to confront the challenges that may arise. Take pride in your abilities and strive to bring honor to your family. For Indian students pursuing higher education within the country, it is essential to persevere on their educational path. Embrace the opportunities for growth and learning that lie ahead.

The SBIF Asha Scholarship Program 2023 is a collaborative effort between the SBI Foundation and Asha for Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting educational initiatives in India. This scholarship initiative operates under the Integrated Learning Mission (ILM) of the SBI Foundation.

Its primary objective is to provide essential financial support to exceptionally meritorious students hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in India. The aim is to ensure that these talented individuals can pursue their educational endeavors without disruption.

This scholarship program extends its support to students embarking on various educational journeys. It is open to college students entering their first year of undergraduate studies in prestigious NIRF universities, top-ranked colleges, and IITs.

Additionally, it encompasses students pursuing MBA/PGDM programs at esteemed IIMs and those pursuing PhDs at premier institutions. Eligible students have the opportunity to receive financial assistance exceeding INR 5 Lakhs per year.

In facilitating this program, NSP Scholarship Guides serves as a trusted partner, collaborating closely with the SBI Foundation. Together, they identify and select deserving scholars who meet the stringent eligibility criteria.

For students who may not meet the specific criteria of this scholarship, it is important not to lose heart. Instead, they should explore other scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible.

The ultimate aim of the SBIF Asha Scholarship Program 2023 is to empower and uplift talented students who might otherwise face financial hurdles in their pursuit of education. Through this support, it seeks to enable these students to achieve their academic and professional aspirations, thereby brightening their future prospects.

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Selection Process of SBIF Asha

The selection process of SBIF Asha Scholarship Program 2023 is merit based and students who belong to poor families will be given first priority because the purpose of this scholarship is to help students who can  not afford to pay their education expenses .

The selection process involves two stages

A commencing shortlisting of applicants based on their academic and economical background, followed by telephonic interviews and document verification to  finalize the selection .If a student gets selected in this, then the money is sent directly to his bank account.

Please take special care that this scholarship  is a one-time award for students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate (MBA/PGDM), and PhD courses, and will not be renewable for subsequent years of study. It is hoped that by reading this article no more confusion will have arisen in your mind regarding this scholarship.

How to apply SBIF Asha

  • Click on SBI Asha scholarship link.
  • Click on the Apply button.
  • Sign up for the web page.
  • Fill the application form.
  • Press the Submit button.

FAQs Section

Q1: Who are eligible for SBI Asha scholarship?

Ans: The student get minimum 75% marks from class 6 to 12 in previous exams and family income less then 3 lac.

Q2: What is the scholarship amount for SBI?

Ans: 5000 per year.

Q3: What is the SBIF Asha Scholarship?

Ans: The SBIF Asha Scholarship, also known as the SBIF Asha Scholarship Program, is a prestigious educational initiative jointly sponsored by the SBI Foundation and Asha for Education, a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing education resources in India. This scholarship program aims to provide essential financial support to exceptionally talented students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in India, enabling them to pursue higher education opportunities.


The SBI Asha Scholarship is exclusively available for undergraduate programs. Within this article, we have comprehensively addressed all the essential details about this scholarship, including insights into the selection process, application procedures, and the eligibility criteria for prospective applicants. If you want to get more information, visit the official website .

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