Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura 2023-24

The Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura 2022-23 constitutes a program designed to aid students from the Scheduled Caste community who have completed their Class 10 education.

Administered by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, this initiative strives to extend financial support to Scheduled Caste students engaged in post-matriculation or post-secondary studies. A maintenance allowance of INR 1,200 per month is among the benefits selected students will obtain, alongside various other advantages.


To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • be an Indian national
  •  be a domicile of Tripura
  •  belong to the Scheduled Caste category
  •  be pursuing studies at the post-matriculation level (Class 11 and above) from recognized institutes/colleges
  •  have an annual family income not exceeding INR 2.5 lakh

Benefits Of Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura

The selected students will receive the following awards:

  • GroupCoursesHostellers (10 months)Day Scholars (10 months)
  • Group 1 Degree and Postgraduate level courses in various fields INR 1,200 INR 550
  • Group 2 Professional courses, vocational courses, ITI, etc. INR 820 INR 530
  • Group 3 Graduate and Postgraduate courses (not in Group 1 or 2) INR 570 INR 300
  • Group 4 Non-degree courses (entrance qualification: Class 10) INR 380 INR 230

Additional Allowances for SC students with disabilities

  • Reader Allowance
  •  Transport allowance (if not residing in hostel)
  •  Escort allowance for severely handicapped day scholars
  •  Special Pay
  •  Extra coaching allowance for mentally disabled and mentally ill students

How to Apply

Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura applying through these following steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now‘ link.
  2.  Navigate to ‘Applicant Corner’ and click on ‘New Registration’.
  3.  Click on ‘Click here for other Scholarship Schemes hosted on NSP for AY 2022-23’.
  4.  Read the guidelines, select the undertaking, and ‘Continue.’
  5.  Provide personal details and bank information, and choose identification details.
  6.  Verify mobile number with OTP and log in.
  7.  Fill out the application form.
  8.  After submission, an application ID and password will be generated.

Note: Fill out the form correctly; no changes are allowed after submission. Submit only one application.

Important Dates

  • Scholarship Closing Date: 13th April 2023

Selection Criteria

All eligible Scheduled Caste students will be selected based on the means test prescribed in this scheme.

Important Documents

  • Scholarship Guidelines
  •  Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The scholarship may be canceled unless the course/institution changes.
  •  Progress and conduct affect scholarship.
  •  The scholarship amount must be refunded if studies discontinue.
  •  Scheme provisions are subject to change by the Government of India.
  •  SC certificate’s issuing state determines eligibility.
  •  False information or discontinuation leads to cancellation.
  •  Candidates studying the same stage but in different subjects are ineligible.

Note: For more details, refer to ‘Scholarship Guidelines’.

Contact Details

  1. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India
  2. Paras Kumar Singh
  3. Under Secretary, Room No. 253, A-Wing,
  4. Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001
  5. Telephone Number – 23389368
  6. Email Id – [email protected]

FAQs – Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students, Tripura

What is the Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura?

The Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura is a financial assistance program to support Scheduled Caste students pursuing post-matriculation studies in the state. It provides scholarships, allowances, and additional benefits to eligible students.

Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

To be eligible for the Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura, applicants must fulfill specific criteria, including being Indian nationals, domiciled in Tripura, belonging to the Scheduled Caste category, pursuing post-matric studies in recognized institutions, and having a family income not exceeding INR 2.5 lakh.

What are the benefits offered under this scholarship?

The scholarship provides financial assistance to selected students based on their group classification. The benefits include monetary awards for different course categories, additional allowances for students.

Disabilities, study tour charges, thesis typing/printing charges for research scholars, and book allowances for students pursuing correspondence/distance education courses.

How can I apply for the Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura?

Eligible candidates can apply through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). The application process involves:

  • New registration.
  • Providing personal and bank details.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Verifying mobile numbers through OTP.

It’s essential to fill in accurate information carefully, as changes cannot be made once submitted.

What is the deadline for applying for the scholarship?

The scholarship’s closing date for the 2022-23 academic year was 13th April 2023. It’s essential to watch the official announcements and deadlines to ensure you take advantage of applying for future opportunities.

These FAQs provide essential information about the Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura, covering eligibility, benefits, application process, and more. Applicants can refer to the provided scholarship guidelines and terms and conditions for more detailed information.


The Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students in Tripura for the year 2022-23 offers financial assistance to eligible Scheduled Caste students pursuing post-matriculation studies. The scheme includes various groups, benefits, and allowances for disabled students.

Applicants can apply online following specific steps, and all relevant information is provided in the guidelines and terms and conditions. Applicants can contact the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for further clarification.

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