Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students in Uttarakhand

The Government of India has proactively introduced a comprehensive array of scholarship opportunities to offer substantial support for educational pursuits and holistic development to individuals who are permanent residents in the state of Uttarakhand.

This strategic approach underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and catalyzing educational advancement and overall progress within the geographical confines of Uttarakhand.

The scholarship programs implemented by the Government of India serve as a testament to the proactive measures undertaken to empower the population of Uttarakhand through enhanced access to education.

These initiatives are a crucial component of the government’s broader vision to bridge gaps in educational attainment and promote socio-economic development across all strata of society in the region.

By allowing permanent residents of Uttarakhand to partake in these Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students, the government is sending a clear message about its commitment to inclusivity and the democratization of education.

This approach seeks to diminish barriers individuals from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds might face in pursuing higher education and skill development.

These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burdens associated with education but also encourage students to pursue academic excellence and realize their full potential.

The Government of India’s holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of education and socio-economic growth, intending to foster a well-educated and skilled populace that can contribute effectively to the progress of both Uttarakhand and the nation at large.

Establishing these scholarship opportunities underscores the government’s recognition of the significance of education as a catalyst for positive change. Investing in education, the government is sowing the seeds for future innovation, entrepreneurship, and human capital development.

This approach aligns seamlessly with the broader national objective of transforming India into a knowledge-driven society capable of competing globally.

Moreover, the scholarship programs cater to a diverse range of educational pursuits, ranging from Class 11 studies to advanced research at the Ph.D. level. This inclusivity ensures that individuals from various educational backgrounds and aspirations can benefit from these initiatives. It also underscores the government’s understanding that education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and must be tailored to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the population.

In practical terms, these scholarships alleviate the financial constraints that might otherwise hinder students from pursuing their desired educational paths. By offering financial assistance, the government breaks down the economic barriers that impede academic progression, allowing students to focus on their studies without undue financial stress.

The impact of these scholarships extends beyond the individual beneficiaries. As educated and skilled individuals contribute to the workforce and community, they become agents of positive change. They can drive innovation, economic growth, and community development, thus creating a multiplier effect that benefits not only the individual recipients but also the larger society.

In conclusion, the multifaceted scholarship programs established by the Government of India for permanent residents of Uttarakhand exemplify a visionary approach to education and development.

By extending financial support and inclusivity to individuals pursuing education, the government is fostering a culture of learning, empowerment, and progress. These scholarships not only contribute to individual growth but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Uttarakhand and India as a whole.

About Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students

Initiated by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, this program is a cornerstone of educational empowerment. It welcomes students from Class 11 up to the Ph.D. level to partake, encompassing a broad spectrum of academic pursuits. The National Scholarship Portal streamlines the application process to ensure seamless access.

Important Dates of Post-Matric Scholarship for EBC Students

Critical dates for the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students application and verification process are as follows:

  • Scholarship Closing Date: September 2023
  •  Last Date for Defect Verification: September 2023
  •  Later Date for Institute Verification: September 2023
  •  Later Date for DNO/SNO/MNO Verification: September 2023

Benefits Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students

Scholarship amounts are categorized based on groups and courses:

GroupCourses CoveredHosteller (INR/month)Day Scholars (INR/month)

Group 1 Degree, PG, Engineering, Management, etc. 750 350

Group 2 Pharmacy, Nursing, LLB, Mass Comm., etc. 510 335

Group 3 Other Graduate Courses 400 210

Group 4 Non-Degree Courses (e.g., ITI, Polytechnics) 200 160

The benefits offered through the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students in Uttarakhand are designed to provide crucial financial assistance and encourage students to pursue education across various academic levels and fields. 

The allocation of benefits is categorized into different groups based on the nature of courses and the educational level, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds and ambitions can avail themselves of these opportunities.

Group 1 encompasses courses such as degree, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in fields like Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Management, and more. Hostellers under this category receive a monthly scholarship amount of INR 750, while day scholars receive INR 350.

Group 2 covers courses like Pharmacy, Nursing, Mass Communication, and others, with hostellers receiving INR 510 per month and day scholars getting INR 335 per month.

Group 3 includes all other graduate courses not covered by the previous two groups, such as BA, BSc, and BCom. Hostellers in this category receive INR 400 monthly, while day scholars receive INR 210.

Group 4 pertains to post-matriculation non-degree courses requiring a high school entrance qualification, such as ITI courses and diploma programs. Hostellers receive INR 200 per month, while day scholars receive INR 160 per month.

These benefits have a profound impact on the educational journey of economically backward students. They help alleviate the financial burden of tuition fees, study materials, and living expenses, enabling students to concentrate on their studies and excel academically.

Furthermore, these benefits extend beyond financial support. By encouraging students to pursue higher education, the scholarship program promotes a culture of learning and academic excellence. It empowers students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to break barriers, achieve their educational aspirations, and contribute effectively to society.

Overall, the benefits provided by the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students in Uttarakhand play a pivotal role in ensuring that education remains accessible to all, regardless of financial limitations. 

This initiative not only nurtures individual growth but also contributes to the broader development of the state and the nation by cultivating a skilled and educated workforce capable of driving positive change.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Indian National
  •  Permanent resident of Uttarakhand
  •  Belongs to the EBC category
  •  Passed the previous year’s examination
  •  Annual income less than INR 1.5 lakh
  •  Studying from higher secondary and above

Required Documents of Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students

Applicants need the following documents for Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students eligibility:

  • Parents or guardian’s income certificate (not older than six months)
  •  Caste certificate
  •  Permanent residence certificate
  •  High school mark sheet
  •  The last exam’s mark sheet or certificate
  •  A bonafide certificate from the current educational institution
  •  Bank passbook of CBS account
  •  Counseling certificate

Application Procedure Post-Matric Scholarship for EBC Students

Applying for the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students involves the following steps:

  • Visit the Post Matric website on the National Scholarship Portal.
  •  Click on “New Registration,” follow the instructions, and complete the details.
  •  Log in using your credentials, fill out the application form, and upload documents.
  •  Apply for verification.

Checking Application Status

To check the application status:

  • Visit the official National Scholarship Portal.
  •  Click “Login,” select your year, and enter your application ID and password.
  •  Click “Submit” to view the application status.

Terms and Conditions

Essential conditions to be aware of Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students :

  • Students studying in different states receive scholarships from their respective states.
  •  The scholarship is renewable yearly.
  •  Failure in exams may affect scholarship renewal.
  •  Correspondence and distance learning students are eligible.
  •  Employed students on unpaid leave for full-time studies qualify.
  •  Medical postgraduate students are eligible if practice is prohibited during the course.

Contact Details

For further information, contact the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

FAQs Section

  1. What is the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students?
  • The Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students is a government initiative in Uttarakhand, offering financial support to economically backward class (EBC) students pursuing education from Class 11 to Ph.D. levels.
  1. Who is eligible for the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students?
  • Indian nationals who are permanent residents of Uttarakhand, belong to the EBC category, have an annual income less than INR 1.5 lakh, and are studying in higher secondary and above are eligible.
  1. What educational levels are covered by the scholarship?
  • The Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students covers students from Class 11 to postdoctoral levels, including various diploma, degree, postgraduate, and doctoral programs.
  1. How can I apply for the Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students?
  • You can use the National Scholarship Portal by following the application process outlined on the portal’s website.
  1. What is the application process like through the National Scholarship Portal?
  • The application process involves registration, filling out the application form, uploading necessary documents, and submitting the application online.
  1. What are the benefits provided under different groups of the scholarship?
  • Benefits vary based on the course group. For instance, hostellers in Group 1 can receive up to INR 750 per month, while day scholars receive up to INR 350 per month.
  1. Can I check the status of my scholarship application?
  • Yes, you can monitor your application status through the National Scholarship Portal using your application ID and password.
  1. Are there specific documents required for application eligibility?
  • Yes, documents like income certificates, caste certificates, mark sheets, bonafide certificates, and others are required to establish eligibility.
  1. Can employed students on leave without pay apply for this scholarship?
  • Yes, engaged students who take unpaid leave for the entire course can also apply for the scholarship.
    • How does the scholarship contribute to educational and socio-economic growth in Uttarakhand? The scholarship program promotes educational access, reduces financial barriers, and empowers economically disadvantaged students to contribute positively to their development and the state by fostering a skilled and educated workforce.


The Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students in Uttarakhand offers valuable financial support to economically backward students pursuing education at various levels. By adhering to the outlined procedures, eligibility criteria, and guidelines, students can make the most of this initiative for their educational advancement.

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