NSP Scholarship 2023-24 PFMS No Record Found, Complete Solution

Don’t worry if you don’t find any record on PFMS to check the status of your submitted NSP application. We will tell you the solution to this problem. PFMS is the portal where NSP sends verified applications for payment of money. PFMS No Record Found So visit PFMS for all your details.

If you don’t get any records, there could be various reasons. The first reason may be that you have made a mistake in the application. Apart from this, another thing may also be that the NSP has rejected your application. Therefore, one should wait for five to six days and also keep checking on a daily basis.

Then if you made a mistake in the bank account name, account number and captcha code etc., then below we will tell you how to remove this problem. But if the application is rejected by the NSP, they will have to contact the official helpline.

How To Fix PFMS No Record Found

PFMS No Record Found Below is the complete procedure to resolve this issue. If you read from someone else, your issue will be solved:

Check your details:First of all open pfms hotel like up. Make sure that you have accurately inputted your bank name, account number, and captcha code.

Wait for a while: 5 to 6 days waiting then contact on official helpline.

Monitor your application status: Keep a regular check on your NSP application status to determine if there is any progress or updates. If your application is still under review, you will not be able to see any payment details.

Contact Helpline NSP or PFMS: In the last you should reach out to the NSP or PFMS helpline for further assistance. They will help you identify the specific issue and provide a solution accordingly.

FAQs Section

Q1: What does the “PFMS No Record Found” error mean?

Ans: The “PFMS Not Record Found” error indicates that there is no matching record or information in the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) for the query you have submitted. This can be related to a variety of issues.

Q2: I’m receiving a “PFMS No Record Found” error while tracking my scholarship payment. What should I do?

Ans: If you encounter this error, don’t worry. It’s essential to take the following steps:

Q3: How can I verify the accuracy of the information I provided for scholarship payments?

Ans: To ensure accuracy, double-check the information you’ve provided, including bank account details, Aadhar number, and other relevant data. Any discrepancies or errors can lead to a “PFMS Not Record Found” error.

Q4: Can an incorrect Aadhar number or bank account details cause a “PFMS No Record Found” error?

Ans: Yes, incorrect Aadhar number or bank account details can lead to this error. Make sure all information is accurate and matches the details you provided during your scholarship application.

Q5: What if I’ve checked my information and it’s correct, but I still see “PFMS No Record Found”?

Ans: In such cases, it’s crucial to contact the relevant scholarship authorities or the PFMS helpline for further assistance. They can help identify and resolve any technical or data-related issues.

Q6: Is there a specific timeframe during which the “PFMS No Record Found” error may occur?

Ans: This error can occur at any stage of the scholarship payment process if there are discrepancies or issues with the provided information. It’s important to address it promptly.

Q7: Can I reapply for the scholarship if I encounter the “PFMS No Record Found” error?

Ans: Generally, reapplying for the scholarship won’t resolve the error. Instead, focus on correcting the data and seeking assistance from the scholarship authorities or the PFMS helpline.

Q8: Are there any common reasons other than data inaccuracies for the “PFMS No Record Found” error?

Ans: Yes, besides data inaccuracies, issues such as delays in processing, technical glitches, or data mismatches between different databases can also lead to this error.

Q9: What documents or information should I have on hand when contacting scholarship authorities to address the “PFMS No Record Found” error?

Ans: It’s advisable to have your scholarship application details, Aadhar card, bank account information, and any correspondence or reference numbers related to the scholarship handy when contacting authorities for assistance.

Q10: How long does it typically take to resolve the “PFMS No Record Found” error?

Ans: The time to resolve this error can vary depending on the specific issue causing it. Scholarship authorities and the PFMS team will work diligently to address the problem and facilitate your scholarship payment as soon as possible.


I covered all the details about PFMS No Record Found , failure reason , How To Fix this issue. If you don’t understand then inform me on comment box or go to the official website http://scholarships.gov.in

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