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The school of education  and sports Department in Maharashtra ,under the Government of Maharashtra ,has introduced  the ” Open Online Merit list Scholarship for EBC students” enterprise  for the academic year 2022-2023.

The primary goal of this scholarship is to support students in pursuing their educational aspirations, aiding them in their academic journey and transforming their aspirations into tangible achievements. This scholarship highlights a ray of hope for students.

This opportunity is intended for individuals whose families are unable to provide financial assistance for their higher education. Those who have very less income resources. Class(EBC)studying in class 11 and 12. The primary objective is to qualify  these praiseworthy  students to continue their higher education and run after  their dreams.

Through this initiative selected applicants  will receive a scholarship amount of up to INR 140 per month for boys and up to INR 160 per month for girls for a period of 10 months.

Online Merit list Scholarship for EBC Students

Breaking Barriers and Opening Opportunities

The “Open Merit Scholarship for Economically Backward Class (EBC) Students, Maharashtra 2022-2023,” carries substantial significance for students requiring financial support. It proves especially invaluable for individuals whose parents encounter difficulties in meeting their children’s basic necessities and lack the means to cover their educational expenses.

For many promising Students, financial  restriction become a hurdle to evaluating quality education and perceiving  their potential. This Scholarship aims to  bridge the gap and  uplift the Educational desiring  of EBC category students. This article will provide you with a comprehensive array of essential information.

Key Objectives of the Scholarship Program

The Scholarship program  has the following objectives in Online Merit list

1. Empowering EBC Students :

This scholarship offers financial assistance to students, enabling them to accomplish their aspirations. Don’t allow financial constraints to hinder their educational pursuits.

 2. Promoting Higher Education :

It encourages academic excellence among students, fostering self-reliance and boosting self-confidence. It motivates students to pursue education beyond the 10th grade and aspire for higher educational achievements.

 3. Merit-Based Selection :  

Selection is solely based on Online Merit list, ensuring fairness and impartiality for all students. Diligent and hardworking students are chosen for this scholarship, providing them with motivation to persist in their efforts. The scholarship program also recognizes and values students’ skills and abilities.

  4. Gender Equality

In this scholarship program, gender equality is taken care of. Boys and girls are given equal educational rights. That is why the country is on the path of development when many skilled students work together day and night for the development of the country . Everyone has the right to receive education . 

 5. Reducing Dropout Rates

Financial support helps in reducing Dropout Rates among EBC students and encourages them to complete their  education. This motivates them to give their family a better future. 

 6.Creating a Skilled Workforce: permitting  access to higher education ,the program arrives  at building Skilled and  knowledge personals for the nation’s future.

 How to Apply For the Open Merit Scholarship?

The process of application  for the” Open Merit Scholarship for EBC students , Maharashtra 2022-2023.” is under is beneficial and attainable  to all  entitled  candidates. Follow the step below to apply.

Apply Here

In this article we will tell you the complete way to apply : 

  1. Eligibility Criteria  

Before applying you must read the full details of the scholarship. Read its rules.  Are you eligible for this or not. If you are eligible then apply here otherwise don’t waste your time

●Being a resident of Maharashtra

●Belonging to the Economically Backward (EBC ) category.

●Enrolled in class 11 or 12   in recognized educational institutions in Maharashtra.

●Maintaining good Academic performance.

 2. Gather Required Documents

 You must have all the documents that are important for this scholarship. First collect all your required documents and then you can fill the form which typically include:

●Proof or residence in Maharashtra.

●Caste Certificate or relevant Document confirming EBC category status.

●Educational certificates and Mark sheets.

●Income certificate of the family to establish economic need.

 3. Online Application 

 For online application you have to visit the official website of Maharashtra Government Education Department or the Scholarship portal to access the online application form. Fill in the  compulsory details accurately and apply the Specialize copies of the necessary documents. Only after that you will be able to do the next step. 

 4. Submitting the Application

You have to review the filled application for the  validity  and entireness .Once you get  satisfied ,submit the form online. Make sure that you receive a confirmation of successful submission. Do not leave any deficiency in submitting your documents so that there is no problem in your selection. 

 5. Selection Process

The selection process demands the assessment of applicants based on their academic merit and shortlisted candidates will be notified about the next step. Selection based on merit .


I have compiled comprehensive details in this article Online Merit list, including step-by-step application guidance, online merit list access, and key objectives of the scholarship program. Thorough research has been conducted to ensure no information is omitted. If you have any queries, feel free to visit for further clarification official website scholarships.gov.in .

FAQs Section

Q1: Is NSP merit list released?

Ans: The NSP has published a merit list featuring qualified beneficiaries.

Q2: Why I am not selected in NSP merit list?

Ans: Incomplete application form and contained error and other reason you are eligible for scholarship.

Q3: What percentage is required for NSP?

Ans: Attaining a minimum of 50 percent marks is a mandatory criterion; failing to do so will render you ineligible for the National Scholarship Portal.

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