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In this article, we cover NSP Scholarship Information. The National Scholarship Portal is an Indian institution dedicated to offering diverse scholarships to financially disadvantaged students, aiding them in pursuing education. Diverse viewpoints are expressed regarding its impact and significance.

However, misinformation frequently leads to unnecessary stress among individuals. Yet, you need not worry; I am here to provide thoroughly researched and accurate information.

I will tell you in which class the scholarship is unavailable and from which category the scholarship starts. Furthermore, I will elucidate the concept of the pre-matric scholarship.

I will provide details regarding the scholarship amount and its prerequisites, along with information about the post-matric scholarship, including its nature and the monetary value it entails.

NSP Scholarship Information class-wise

Presently, I will provide comprehensive information concerning scholarships spanning from nursery level to university courses. All pertinent details are presented below in a brief bullet-point format. Please review them attentively.

NSP Scholarship Information Nursery class

The NSP scholarship is not extended to this particular class due to its affiliation with a government institution, which adheres to regulations that preclude providing scholarships for nursery-level courses.

NSP Scholarship Information class 1 to 10

Commencing from the first grade, the NSP scholarship remains accessible throughout the matriculation level. A minimum score of 50 percent or higher in each class is imperative to qualify for this scholarship; otherwise, it will not be granted.

 The student’s family should be less than one lakh per annum. A common query arises about the recipient’s eligibility based on religion. The response is inclusive – the scholarship is open to individuals of all faiths, including Muslims, Persians, and other religious affiliations. There is no concern about it.

NSP Scholarship 3 main types

  • Pre matric scholarship
  •  Post matric scholarship
  •  University scholarships

Pre matric scholarship

Within this classification, it encompasses students of classes 9 and 10, with progression out of this category upon completion of class 10. Beneficiaries are awarded a scholarship amounting to INR 100,000 annually. Eligibility criteria dictate an annual family income below one lakh Indian rupees, coupled with a requirement to have secured a minimum of 50 percent in preceding classes.

Additionally, students are entitled to up to two lakh rupees per annum. Notably, the scholarship is universally applicable and is unrelated to religious affiliation.

Post matric scholarship

Within this particular grouping, it encompasses students of classes 11 and 12, along with equivalent levels of education. Upon progressing from class 10, students exit this category.

Notably, beneficiaries in this bracket receive a scholarship amounting to INR 250,000 annually. Eligibility criteria stipulate a maximum annual family income of two lakh Indian rupees, alongside the prerequisite of having achieved a minimum of 50 percent in preceding classes.

Furthermore, students remain entitled to up to two lakh rupees per annum. Critically, similar to other categories, this scholarship is void of any religious consideration.

NSP University Scholarship

The scholarship encompasses all university-level courses. Attaining over 55% marks is a prerequisite for eligibility. Indian nationality is essential, coupled with a maximum family income of 4.5 lakhs. Additionally, student attendance must be at least 80%. Beneficiaries in this category are entitled to a minimum annual grant of 2 lakhs.

FAQs Section 

What grade is best for scholarship?

Class 12 is the best time to win scholarships for students.

Can you get 100% scholarship?

Yes, If you read all the information and put the correct information on the application form.


I provide comprehensive coverage of NSP scholarship details from nursery level to university education, highlighting the optimal timing for scholarship acquisition. If you need help understanding something, then visit the official website scholarships.gov.in.

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