NSP Scholarship Check Balance 2023

Umang Check Balance 2023 is an application widely recognized as the Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance (UMANG). As a government-operated entity in India, UMANG offers a diverse range of services and facilitates access to numerous programs.

One of the notable services offered by Umang is the Public Financial Management System (PFMS), overseen by Starfin. This system meticulously tracks payments handled by the PFMS, serving as a valuable tool for students keen on monitoring their payment statuses. With Umang, you can effortlessly inquire about your payment status.

UMANG PFMS Check Balance 2023

The PFMS stands as an official platform established by the Government of India. Its primary purpose is to ensure the efficient disbursement of various scholarships and program payments to eligible individuals, ensuring the secure delivery of these funds. Moreover, the PFMS extends its functionality to pension distribution, social programs, and management of bank accounts.

For those eager to comprehend the balance inquiry process, the following step-by-step instructions elucidate the procedure. It’s crucial to absorb this information thoroughly to prevent overlooking any details.

  1. Download UMANG App: Begin by downloading and installing the UMANG App from the Play Store.
  2. Access Services Tab: Launch the app and locate the “Services” tab.
  3. Select PFMS Option: Within the Services tab, choose the “PFMS” option.
  4. Know Your Payment Status: Navigate to the “Know Your Payment Status” section.
  5. Provide Details: Enter either your payment ID, bank account number, or Aadhaar number.
  6. Retrieve Status: Lastly, click on “Get Status” to retrieve the payment status information.

An exceptional feature of UMANG is tailored for individuals with limited literacy levels or those seeking a straightforward status check. By utilizing the QR scan function, users can easily examine their payment status. This QR code is furnished by the relevant institution.

FAQs Section

Following Check Balance 2023 Question Answers:

Q1: How can I check my NSP balance?

Ans: Simply download the UMANG app from Google Play Store.

Q2: Is the NSP Scholarship application open for 2023?

Ans: Yes, the application process is open until July 31, 2023.


This comprehensive article has delved into essential information about Umang Check Balance 2023 and the efficient utilization of the UMANG app. Umang, operating as the Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance, is a government initiative in India offering an array of services and program accessibility.

The PFMS, an integral part of Umang Check Balance 2023, is a Government of India sanctioned platform designed to manage scholarships, program payments, and other financial distributions. By following the step-by-step guide, users can seamlessly check their payment statuses. For added convenience, the QR scan feature facilitates status checks for individuals seeking simplicity.

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