NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication Enhancement

In a bid to improve the disbursement of scholarships for schemes under the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the government thoroughly evaluated NCAER’s physical verification process for 2022-23, revealing discrepancies in the credibility of institutions and beneficiaries.

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Introduction of NSP Scholarship Biometric

To address these concerns, a strategic choice has been taken to reassess applications and conduct verifications for SNO/DNO/INO/HoI/applicants. This reassessment will be implemented through a specialized endeavor that utilizes Aadhar-based biometric authentication. This inventive approach seeks to amplify the accuracy and authenticity of the scholarship distribution process.

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Aadhaar Integration for Precise Scholarship Disbursement

For swift allocation of scholarship funds, it’s strongly recommended that all applicants ensure their Aadhaar numbers are linked to their bank accounts. Scholarships will solely be disbursed via the Aadhaar Based Payment System.

Mandatory Aadhaar Update

All pertinent parties (SNO, DNO, HoI, INO, and applicants) must update their Aadhaar details on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) following the guidelines and instructions provided.

This update needs to be finished by August 20, 2023, to ensure smooth Aadhaar-based authentication. Applicants under 18 should update their parents’ or legal guardians’ Aadhaar details.

Current Update

Owing to technical improvements and process streamlining, the biometric authentication portal at nspbau.in will be temporarily inaccessible until Monday, August 30, 2023.

NSP Biometric Scholarship Last Date Extend

NSP Scholarship New Biometric Method

nsp scholarship biometric last date extend

The extended deadline for biometric verification of the NSP scholarship is now set for August 30, 2023. This extension provides students who haven’t yet undergone biometric authentication with the opportunity to complete this crucial step within the extended timeframe.

Scholarship Applicants’ Action

Students who have applied for the NSP Scholarship 2022-23 and received the specified text message are obligated to complete the NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication for their applications before August 20, 2023, at Common Service Center (CSC) centers under the supervision of HoI / INO.

Biometric Authentication Process

Where to Perform Aadhaar Update?

It’s essential for all students to finalize the NSP biometric authentication procedure for their scholarship applications before the August 20, 2023 cutoff. This biometric authentication should occur at the designated Institute Camps organized by CSC, in the presence of HoI / INO.

The responsibility for conducting the Biometric Authentication process lies with the Common Service Centers (CSC). Not fulfilling the Biometric Authentication will lead to the application being labeled as ‘Rejected’.

Required Documents NSP Scholarship Biometric

While attending the CSC Centre for the biometric authentication process, ensure you have your NSP Account Details (Aadhar Card, Application ID, Username, and Password) on hand for your scholarship application.

Steps of NSP Scholarship Biometric

  1. Reporting to CSC VLE: Applicants will report to CSC VLE with their Aadhaar number and NSP user ID for Login Biometric Authentication.
  2. Validation by CSC VLE: The information submitted by applicants will be verified by CSC VLE using the NSP biometric authentication tool.
  3. Matching Entry: If the information aligns with an entry in the NSP database, details will be sent back to the NSP-BA utility, shown to applicants for confirmation, and a live photograph of the applicants will be taken by CSC VLE.
  4. Biometric Authentication: Successful validation will lead to biometric authentication being performed by CSC VLE.
  5. Data Storage and Update: Upon successful completion of biometric authentication, the data will be stored in the CSC database, and the NSP portal will be promptly updated with the outcomes of biometric authentication and transaction particulars.

Applicants Re-validation Process by INOs/DNOs

  1. Applications that have effectively completed biometric authentication will be accessible for re-validation in the INO logins.
  2. Re-validation will be granted to INOs only if both the HoI and INO of the respective institute pass the biometric authentication.
  3. SMS notifications will be dispatched to these students, informing them that their applications have been forwarded to their INOs for re-validation.
  4. In case applications aren’t re-validated by the INOs until the final re-validation cut-off date set by INOs, the applications will be escalated to SNO’s/DNO’s logins for further re-validation.
  5. While undergoing re-validation by L1 or L2 officials, applications will be categorized as either ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’; alternative choices won’t be applicable in this procedure.


Phone No: 0120 – 6619540

Email: [email protected]

Timing: 8am to 8pm excluding holidays

FAQs Section – NSP Scholarship Biometric

Following question answers of NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication given below:

Q1: What is the objective of the NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication?

Ans: The primary goal of the NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication is to enhance the precision and credibility of the scholarship distribution process for various initiatives under the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

Q2: Who is obligated to update their Aadhaar details on the NSP portal?

Ans: All pertinent entities, including SNO, DNO, HoI, INO, and applicants, are mandated to update their Aadhaar information on the NSP portal to enable seamless authentication based on Aadhaar.

Q3: What is the cutoff date for updating Aadhaar information for biometric authentication?

Ans: It’s imperative to complete the update by August 20, 2023, ensuring applicants’ eligibility for the Aadhaar-based biometric authentication process.

Q4: What are the consequences if an applicant fails to finalize the biometric authentication process?

Ans: In the event of an applicant’s failure to complete the biometric authentication, their application will be designated as ‘Rejected,’ rendering them ineligible for the scholarship.

Q5: Where should applicants participate in the NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication process?

Ans: Applicants are required to undergo the NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication process at designated Institute Camps organized by Common Service Center (CSC), with the presence of HoI / INO.


The NSP Scholarship Biometric Authentication initiative stands as a pivotal advancement in streamlining the scholarship distribution process. By harnessing the potential of Aadhaar-based biometric authentication, the government aims to eliminate discrepancies and bolster the credibility of institutions and beneficiaries.

Aligned with the commitment to efficient disbursement, stakeholders are encouraged to promptly update their Aadhaar information on NSP. This paves the way for seamless biometric authentication through CSC, empowering the educational excellence envisioned by the NSP Scholarships.

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