Bihar Board NSP Cut off List 2023

In a groundbreaking move, the Bihar Board has unveiled the eagerly awaited NSP Scholarship 2023 cut-off. This article is your compass to navigate the promising world of NSP Scholarships.

We’ll explore how Bihar Board students can seize this golden opportunity, plus a peek into more scholarships such as the Yen SP Scholarship Online Form 2023-24, MOMA NSP Pre/Post Matric Scholarship Online Form 2023-24, and NSP Pre and Post Matric Scholarship Online Form 2023 (MOMA).

Discover the NSP

The NSP, short for the National Scholarship Portal, is a nationally recognized institution that empowers students across India based on their academic merit. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MOMA), Government of India, the NSP administers numerous schemes, offering diverse scholarships categorized into three genres:

  1. Pre-Matric Scholarship
  2.  Post-Matric Scholarship
  3.  Merit Less Mean (MCM) Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria for Bihar Board NSP Cut-off List

Pre-Matric Scholarship and Bihar Board NSP Scholarship: This opportunity extends to all minority students from grades 1 to 10. Eligibility hinges on securing a commendable 50% or more in the previous examination, with family income below 1 lakh per annum.

Post-Matric Scholarship: This scholarship is open to students in grades 11 and 12, as well as those pursuing ITI, Polytechnic, and other 10+2 level technical and vocational courses. Like the Pre-Matric Scholarship, eligibility necessitates securing 50% or more in the previous examination and maintaining a family income of less than 200,000 annually.

Merit Cum Means (MCM) Scholarship – Bihar Board NSP Scholarship: This scholarship is tailored for students pursuing technical/vocational courses and those who’ve gained admission through a scholarship-level competitive examination. To qualify, the family income should be at most Rs 2.50 lakh per annum.

NoteWhile the official threshold for NSP scholarships stands at 50%, it’s worth noting that only students who secure the highest marks in their examination are chosen. This maximum limit is determined separately for each board, known as the NSP cut-off.

Bihar Board’s NSP Cut-off for 2023

The Bihar Board has laid out the cut-off for intermediate pass students for NSP 2023. This crucial information is presented numerically, making it accessible to all aspiring scholars. The list also features students who will be awarded scholarships upon applying for NSP.

Essential Documentation for NSP Online Application

  • Educational documents
  •  Bank account number
  •  IFSC Code
  •  Aadhaar Number
  •  Income certificate

Important Dates for NSP 2023-24

  • Application Start Date: May 2023
  •  Application Closing Date: September 2022
  •  Incomplete Verification Deadline: October 2023
  •  Institute Verification Deadline: October 2023

FAQs Section

How can I check if I qualify for the Bihar Board NSP Scholarship 2023?

To determine your eligibility, you should meet the specific criteria outlined for each category of the NSP Scholarship. For instance, for the Pre-Matric Scholarship, students from class 1 to 10 must secure more than 50% marks in their previous examination, and their family income should be less than 1 lakh per annum.

Similar criteria apply to the Post-Matric Scholarship and the Merit Cum Means (MCM) Scholarship. Review the detailed eligibility conditions for your chosen category to see if you meet the requirements.

What is the significance of the NSP cut-off for Bihar Board students in 2023?

The NSP cut-off represents the minimum qualifying marks required for students to be considered for NSP Scholarships. While the official threshold is 50%, it’s crucial to understand that NSP scholarships are typically awarded to students with the highest marks in their examinations.

The cut-off is determined separately for each board, and the winning students’ names are based on this cut-off. Therefore, it is vital to assess your chances of securing a scholarship.

Can I apply for multiple NSP Scholarships simultaneously, or must I choose one category?

You can apply for multiple NSP Scholarships, provided you meet the eligibility criteria for each category. Each scholarship category has its own set of criteria and conditions. If you qualify for more than one category, you can apply for all of them. This allows you to maximize your chances of receiving financial assistance to support your education.


NSP Cut-off List 2023 offers a significant opportunity for students to receive financial support for their education. It’s a gateway to educational excellence, enabling deserving individuals to pursue their academic aspirations.

By carefully reviewing the eligibility criteria, understanding the significance of the NSP cut-off, and applying for multiple scholarship categories when eligible, students can make the most of this valuable opportunity. Stay informed and prepared to seize the benefits of NSP Scholarships and advance towards a brighter educational future.

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