Mizoram Scholarships Empowering Education for Mizoram Domiciled Students

Mizoram Scholarships aims to provide financial assistance to students who are permanent residents of Mizoram, the southernmost landlocked state in India, with a population of 10 lakh and a highly literate agrarian economy.

The Department of Social Welfare facilitates the Mizoram Scholarship under the Mizoram Government. This scholarship supports students at various levels of education, including secondary, higher secondary, and higher education.

Categories of Scholarships

Mizoram Scholarship is categorized into three main types: pre-matric, post-matric, and merit cum means scholarships. These scholarships are essential for students pursuing education beyond the basic levels.

Accessing Information

Aspiring scholars can access information about the Mizoram Scholarship through multiple avenues, including the Mizoram Scholarship Board (MSB) website, National Scholarship Portal and the Mizoram University website.

Scholarship Registration and Login

Learn about the registration and login process for Mizoram scholarships, ensuring you’re well-prepared to apply for the financial aid you deserve.

A Comprehensive Guide

Discover essential details about some of the most popular Mizoram scholarships, including information about the funding sources, application timelines, and eligibility criteria. This guide addresses common questions you may have.

Mizoram Scholarship Overview

Gain an overview of the Mizoram Scholarship program, including its objectives, beneficiaries, benefits, and the mode of fund transfer, which is Direct Bank Transfer (DBT).

Complete List of Mizoram Scholarships

Explore an exhaustive list of Mizoram scholarships, each categorized under pre-matric, post-matric, merit cum means, post-secondary scholarships, and NEC Merit Scholarship.

This section provides insight into the institutions offering these scholarships, such as the Social Welfare Department, the Government of Mizoram, UGC, CSIR, Mizoram University, and the Mizoram Scholarship Board.

Detailed List of Mizoram Scholarship

This section provides an in-depth breakdown of various Mizoram scholarship, their respective providers, and the estimated application timelines. Stay informed about the available opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria for Mizoram Scholarship

Understand the specific eligibility criteria for different Mizoram scholarships. Ensure you fulfil the necessary conditions to make the most of these educational funding opportunities.

Detailed Eligibility Criteria for Mizoram Scholarship

Get detailed insights into the eligibility criteria for each Mizoram scholarship category, ranging from pre-matric to NEC Merit Scholarship. This section highlights requirements such as residency, family income limits, academic performance, and specific types.

By breaking down the information into these sections, we aim to understand better the Mizoram Scholarship, its various categories, application processes, and eligibility criteria. This guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate and utilize the available educational funding opportunities effectively.

Mizoram Scholarship Application Process

Online Application Procedure

Applying for Mizoram scholarships has been streamlined through online platforms. It is recommended that students visit relevant state or government portals to access up-to-date information, deadlines, and instructions for submitting scholarship applications.

Each scholarship category follows a unique application process. Refer to the table below for specific guidance on where to apply for each scholarship.

Application Process for Mizoram Scholarship Step-by-Step

Scholarship Name How to Apply?

  • Pre-matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority Apply online via the National Scholarship Portal.
  • Post-matric scholarship SC/ST/OBC/Minority Apply online via the National Scholarship Portal.
  • Merit cum means scholarship SC/ST/OBC/Minority. Apply online via the National Scholarship Portal.

NEC Merit Scholarship: Apply online via the National Scholarship Portal.

  1. UGC JRF Apply online through the official UGC website.
  2. CSIR JRF Apply online through the official CSIR HRDG website.
  3. Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Apply online through the official UGC website.
  4. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST Apply online through the official UGC website.
  5. INSPIRE Scholarship: Apply online via the INSPIRE program website.

Unveiling Mizoram Scholarship Awards

Overview of Scholarship Awards

Mizoram Scholarship rewards dedicated students with financial assistance based on their academic achievements and financial circumstances. The awards vary depending on the specific scholarship and the applicant’s educational level. Financial need may also be a consideration in determining scholarship recipients.

Mizoram Scholarship Award List and Beneficiary Benefits

Scholarship Name Number of Scholarships Award Details

  1. Post-matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority 500,000
  2. For Classes 1 to 12: Admission fee coverage up to INR 7,000 per annum. Tuition fee for Class 11 and 12: INR 10,000 per annum.
  3. UG and PG admission and tuition fees: INR 3,000 per annum. Maintenance allowance: Up to INR 350 per month.
  4. Pre-matric scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority 3,000,000
  5. For Classes 6 to 10: Admission fee coverage up to INR 500, and tuition fee up to INR 350.
  6. Maintenance allowance: INR 600 per month. For Classes 1 to 5: Maintenance allowance of INR 100 per month.
  7. Merit cum means scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/Minority 50,000
  8. Scholarship worth INR 20,000 per annum.
  9. Additional maintenance allowance up to INR 1,000.
  10. NEC Merit Scholarship Not Available
  11. Stipend and book grants are provided.
  12. Stipend: Up to INR 1,500. Book grant: Up to INR 3,000 per annum.
  13. UGC JRF Not Available
  14. Monthly stipend: Up to INR 12,000 for JRF and up to INR 14,000 for SRF.
  15. Contingency grant: INR 10,000 for JRF and INR 20,500 for SRF.
  16. Additional benefits: HRA, medical, and academic leave.
  17. CSIR JRF Not Available
  18. Monthly stipend: INR 25,000 for the first two years and INR 28,000 afterwards.
  19. Contingency grant: INR 20,000 per student.
  20. Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority 1,000
  21. Fellowship: Up to INR 25,000 for JRF and up to INR 28,000 for SRF.
  22. Contingency grant: Up to INR 10,000 for JRF and up to INR 12,000 for SRF.
  23. Additional benefits: HRA, medical, and academic leave.
  24. INSPIRE Scholarship 12,000
  25. Scholarship worth INR 80,000 annually and INR 20,000 yearly for summer research projects.
  26. Monthly scholarship: INR 5,000.
  27. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST For SC: 2,000; For ST: 667
  28. Fellowship: INR 16,000 for the first two years and INR 18,000 for the rest of the tenure.
  29. Contingency grant: INR 10,000 for humanities and social sciences, INR 12,000 for science and engineering (first two years). For the remaining period: INR 20,500 (societies) and INR 25,000 (science/engineering).

Additional benefits: HRA, medical, and academic leave.

Comprehensive Guide Mizoram Scholarships

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the various scholarships available to students in Mizoram. It covers eligibility criteria, application procedures, and awards for selected students or scholars. If you have further questions or need clarification, please use the comment box to seek assistance.

FAQs Section

Who is eligible to apply for Mizoram Scholarships?

Mizoram scholarships are open to students who are permanent residents of Mizoram state. Eligibility criteria vary for different scholarships but commonly include factors like academic performance, family income, and category (SC/ST/OBC/Minority).

How can I apply for the Mizoram Scholarship?

Most Mizoram Scholarships can be applied online through portals like the National Scholarship Portal, Mizoram University website, or official UGC and CSIR websites for specific scholarships. Application processes may require submitting relevant documents and details.

What types of financial assistance are offered through Mizoram Scholarships?

Mizoram Scholarships provide financial support in various forms, including tuition fee coverage, maintenance allowances, stipends, and contingency grants. The type and amount of assistance vary depending on the scholarship category and academic level.

How do I check the status of my Mizoram Scholarship application?

Applicants can track the status of their scholarship applications through the respective application portals. Regularly checking the doorway and keeping an eye on email notifications will help you stay updated on your application’s progress.

Can I apply for multiple Mizoram Scholarships simultaneously?

Students can often apply for multiple Mizoram Scholarships if they meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship. However, it’s essential to carefully review and follow the application guidelines for each scholarship you intend to apply for.

Remember, specific details and processes may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the official scholarship websites or relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information and instructions.


Mizoram Scholarships are vital in empowering students by providing financial support for their education. These scholarships, offered through various categories, catalyze academic excellence and equitable access to learning.

By simplifying the application process and offering diverse benefits, Mizoram Scholarships contribute to developing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce, fostering a brighter future for the students and the state.

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