IIAS Fellowship Award 2023 Apply Now

IIAS Fellowship Award 2023 is a wonderful opportunity given to students by Indian Institute of Advanced Study and Shimla. Whoever is selected for this will be awarded with many different awards.

Benefits of IIAS Fellowship Award

Money will not be deducted from the salary but it will be kept safe.

Apart from this, if they are not taking advantage of accommodation, they will get 20% extra. They can show that we have rented the house.

61100 INR rupees per month of this grant.

How can you apply?

Click on the “Apply Now” button.

Download the application form.

Fill all details and send on IIAS Scholarship address.

Terms and Conditions

The selection process will be completed within six months.

These applications are considered once or twice a year when some posts are vacant.

Only those applications will be forwarded by the institute which have been prescribed.

 Charges will be issued to the fellows to access the institute travel.

Along with this, medical facilities will also be provided in the dispensary.

Candidates must apply with different challenges.

Applications of those who have been associated with the Institute for the last five years will not be entertained.

Q1: How much fellowship does IIAS give?

Ans: 61100 INR Rupees per month.

Q2: Is fellowship a degree?

Ans: No, Fellowship is a scholarship.

Q3: What is the full form of IIAS?

Ans: IIAS stand for Indian Institute of Advance Studies.


I covered all the details about IIAS Fellowship Award , benefits of the IIAS Award, how to apply and what is the terms and condition of this award.

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