IDFC Bank MBA Scholarship Program 2023 – 25 Apply Now

“The MBA Scholarship Program is a transformative initiative aimed at providing crucial financial support to students in need. In partnership with IDFC First Bank, this program identifies families with an annual income of less than 6 lakhs and extends scholarships to deserving individuals. The core mission of this scholarship program is to empower students who are eager to pursue undergraduate education but are held back by financial constraints.

For countless young minds, the dream of obtaining an MBA degree remains unfulfilled due to the burden of educational expenses. Recognizing this barrier, the MBA Scholarship Program steps in as a beacon of hope. It understands that the quest for knowledge should not be compromised by financial limitations.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of IDFC First Bank, the program meticulously evaluates the financial backgrounds of applicants to ensure that the scholarships are allocated to those who need it most. This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to the education and future prospects of the youth.

The significance of this scholarship extends beyond its monetary value. It serves as a catalyst for positive change, not only in the lives of the recipients but also in the broader community. As scholarship recipients embark on their academic journeys, they acquire knowledge, skills, and experiences that ultimately contribute to the overall progress and development of society.

The MBA Scholarship Program stands as a testament to the belief that financial barriers should never deter individuals from pursuing higher education. It embodies the spirit of inclusivity and equal opportunity, making education accessible to those who aspire to excel in the field of business administration.

In conclusion, the MBA Scholarship Program, in collaboration with IDFC First Bank, is a lifeline for students facing financial hardships, ensuring that their dreams of pursuing an MBA degree are within reach. This initiative represents a commitment to creating a brighter, more equitable future by investing in the education of promising individuals.”

Through this scholarship, a two-year MBA course from the academic session 2023 – 25. The students taking admission in the first academic year will be given 2 lakh Indian rupees and 1 lakh in the first batch and 1 lakh in the second batch.

MBA Scholarship Eligibility

  • This scholarship is for Indian cities only.
  • Students who have taken equivalent admission in 2023 – 25 before taking admission in MBA program are eligible.
  • The applying students should take admission in the college mentioned in their application.
  • The income of this student’s family should be less than 6 lakhs.
  • His age should be less than 35 years.
  • The applicant should also have a mobile number linked to the credit card.


Benefits of IDFC Bank

Any student who is selected for the scholarship will be given two lakh rupees in two years then studies through which he will complete his studies easily.

Important Documents

  • Admission related documents
  • Admission Proof (Institution name, admission year and batch no)
  • Copy of Fee Receipt
  • Academic record all documents
  • Passing certificate
  • Income Proof
  • Income Certificate issued by government organization (Tehsildar)
  • Form 16A
  • Copy of Salary Slip
  • Other Documents (If applicable)
  • Disability certificate
  • Sanctioned loan letter
  • Death certificate, if there is a death of the sole earning member of the immediate family
  • Document of any other scholarships received for pursuing MBA.

How can you apply?

  1. Click on the button  ‘Apply Now’ .
  2. Login to using a registered ID to land onto the ‘Online Application Form Page’.
  3. If not registered on the official website – Register at with your Email/Mobile/Gmail account.
  4. You will now be redirected to the ‘IDFC FIRST Bank MBA Scholarship’ official website.
  5. Read all the documents carefully and click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  6. Check Aadhaar card and mobile number verified.
  7. A welcome communication will be sent to the applicants containing login URL, user ID and password.
  8. Login to the application portal and fill in all the required details in the online scholarship application form.
  9. Upload the required documents.
  10. In the last press submit button.

FAQs Section

What is the last date of IDFC First Bank scholarship?

31 July 2023 is the last date of IDFC  .

How to apply for MBA scholarship?

  1. Secure a high GMAT score.
  2. Align your post-MBA goals with your profile.
  3. Evaluate your Business school fit.
  4. Apply early.
  5. Negotiate the scholarship amount.


I have compiled comprehensive information about the IDFC Bank MBA Scholarship program, including details on eligibility criteria, benefits, and the application process. If you require further clarification or additional information, I recommend visiting the official Indian government website for complete and up-to-date details.”

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