Eklavya Scholarship 2023-24 Apply Now

The Eklavya Scholarship 2023 in Maharashtra is a beneficial enterprise by the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra. It aims to offer financial benefits to graduate students seeking postgraduate degrees in Arts, Law, Commerce, and Science.

Selected recipients will be granted a single disbursement of INR 5000 as a scholarship award. This financial assistance holds significant importance for students, serving as a valuable resource to support their educational pursuits.

It symbolizes a beacon of optimism and promise for students, helping them overcome challenges and pursue their academic aspirations.

Eklavya Eligibility

  1.  Residency Requirement: Applicants must have their primary residence in Maharashtra. This criterion ensures that the scholarship is accessible to individuals who are part of the local community and contribute to the state’s growth.
  2.  Educational Qualification: The scholarship aims to reward academic excellence. Meeting the specified percentage requirements in different streams demonstrates the candidate’s commitment to education and ability to excel in their chosen field of study.
  3.  Income Limit: The income limit criterion ensures the scholarship reaches those needing financial support. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds often face difficulties in pursuing higher education, and this criterion ensures that the assistance goes to those with genuine financial need.
  4.  Employment Status: This criterion recognizes the diverse situations of applicants. It acknowledges that some students might be balancing work and studies, indicating their dedication to self-improvement and financial independence.

Benefits of Eklavya

The chosen students will be awarded a one-time sum of INR.


  • Annual income certificate issued by Tahsildar
  •  Previous year MarkSheet 
  •  Domicile

FAQs Section

How can you apply?

 Step 1: Visit the official website scholarships.gov.in and click on the ‘Apply Button’ located below.

 Step 2: Click on ‘New Applicant Registration.’

 Step 3: Fill in all the required documents and verify your email or phone number.

 Step 4: Complete the Aadhaar authentication process using OTP or biometric verification.

 Step 5: Candidates choosing OTP authentication will receive an OTP on their registered mobile number.

 Step 6: Finalize the registration process by providing all necessary information.

 Step 7: Log in using your username and password.

 Step 8: Complete the scholarship application, upload the required documents, and submit.


This guide provides clear instructions on how to apply for the Eklavya scholarship through a step-by-step process. These steps ensure a smooth application process, from initial registration to submitting all required documents.

The guide begins with visiting the official website, then new applicant registration, filling in details, and verifying contact information. The importance of Aadhaar authentication is emphasized, with options for OTP or biometric verification.

Subsequent steps cover using OTP, logging in, completing the application, and submitting essential documents. This straightforward guide helps applicants navigate the application process effectively.

What is the significance of the Eklavya Scholarship for students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Maharashtra?

The Eklavya Scholarship in Maharashtra holds immense significance for students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Arts, Law, Commerce, and Science.

It provides crucial financial assistance that helps students overcome financial barriers, making higher education more accessible. This scholarship is a beacon of hope, enabling deserving students to fulfill their academic ambitions.

Are there any specific documents or prerequisites that applicants should remember when applying for the Eklavya Scholarship?

Yes, applicants should be prepared with certain documents and meet specific criteria for eligibility. These include an annual income certificate issued by the Tahsildar, the previous year’s mark sheet, and proof of domicile in Maharashtra.

Additionally, candidates must meet residency, educational qualification, income, and employment status requirements to be considered for the scholarship. It’s essential to review the eligibility criteria and have the necessary documents ready when applying.


The Eklavya Scholarship 2023 in Maharashtra, initiated by the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Maharashtra, provides vital financial support to graduate students pursuing postgraduate degrees in Arts, Law, Commerce, and Science.

This scholarship is a beacon of hope for students, assisting them in overcoming financial challenges and pursuing their academic aspirations. To be eligible, candidates must meet criteria related to residency, educational qualifications, income, and employment status. The scholarship application process is straightforward, with clear steps for successful submission.

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